Saturday, April 8, 2017

Legato Vibrato Piano

The gang over at Vi-Control have a bizarre thread about a legato piano that started on or around April Fool's Day, VI crashed recently so its tough to say. Being a bit crazy I decided to see what would happen if I used Big Bob's WIPS scripts to create a legato piano with vibrato. It sounds pretty weird.

Instrument and Samples: Public Domain.
WIPS scripts: Copyright Robert D. Villwock 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

VSCO2 V2 Kontakt

Well I'm starting to rework the Kontakt version of the VSCO2 Community Orchestra. Thanks to Sam Gossner and company for the fine samples.
This is somewhat experimental as I haven't messed too much with modwheel cross fading which is pretty standard in orchestral libraries on the sustains. Basically the Modwheel adjusts between the soft and loud samples in a hopefully smooth way. This should give a much better velocity curve than having several velocity layers and jumping between them based on how loud the volume is. The cross fade script is by the Nils Liberg.
I attempted to copy some of what Sam did in the clever Kontakt versions from the full VSCO2 version. This includes using convolution reverb which will hopefully add a nice dimension to the sound. The interface is also very simple with just attack and release knobs and a basic woodgrain background.
This is sort of a beta version, any feedback is appreciated. Eventually there should be a more standard version with staccato and such along with an ensemble version for most instruments.

VSCO2 Woodwinds XFade (Requires latest version of Kontakt)
XFade Script by Nils Liberg.

Soundcloud Demo

VSCO 2 Instruments: Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal : Versilian Studios / Sam Gossner
Piano & Organ also : Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal : Simon Dalzell of Ivy Audio

Note the name VSCO 2 is used to give attribution to the sampling project from which these samples were taken. It doesn't imply any form of endorsement.